Landscapes are more than just an arrangement of plants and mulch. Hardscaping is an added element to make any outdoor space grand. This includes Inter-locking pavers, outdoor rooms, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, ponds, sports courts & low voltage lighting just to name a few.

Unilock Outdoor Living
We are a Unilock Authorized Contractor. Your outdoor space should be designed to connect with your home and express your distinctive sense of style. Create your own custom outdoor space with Unilock’s versatile palette of colors, textures and European-inspired styles.

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Stone Decks
More and more people are growing tired of maintaining and rebuilding their wooden decks. Stain, paint, and waterproof, repeat at least once a year. Every time you have to stain or paint and water proof your deck, you are putting money into it that you will probably not get back in the future. But, what can you do?  Cornerstone Landscaping has the solution that will enable you to take your ordinary traditional wood deck and make it extraordinary!
Silca Grate™, an American-made product, is ideal for applications where decking materials like wood lumber or composite lumber would have otherwise been the only choice. When connected to wood floor joists, Silca Grate™ grids provide a substructure (sub-floor) for a wide variety of decking materials: stone, brick pavers, slate, travertine pavers, marble, or granite. Because it is engineered for strength and easy installation, this durable outdoor flooring makes it possible for us create a new, exciting outdoor living space! At the end of the day, Cornerstone Landscaping enhances your outdoor living experience with an attractive, long lasting, low maintenance stone deck or patio.
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The Belvedere Fire Pit creates a rustic sophistication all its own. The Belvedere Fire Pit has a diameter of approximately five feet and a height of fourteen inches, the proportions of the fire pit creates a perfect focal point for any occasion from intimate gathers to larger events.
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Equinox Louvered Roof
The Equinox Louvered Roof system has been designed for both
homeowners and businesses that want to maximize comfort and functionality of their outdoor living spaces year round. The louvers can be positioned to provide exact amount of protection and ventilation needed.
The Equinox Louvered Roof system can withstand the elements year-round with
low maintenance, offers shade or sunlight on demand, is waterproof when closed and can be remotely operated. Most importantly, the Equinox system is versatile enough to accommodate any architectural style to suit design and lifestyle needs.
The Equinox Louvered Roof can block the sun’s powerful rays protecting expensive window coverings, carpets and furniture from fading and damage. In addition, the exterior walls of your home or business will be protected from solar heat gain helping to reduce your summer cooling costs.
Finally, the Equinox Louvered Roof system is solar powered for the ultimate in energy efficiency, ease of operation and lasting durability.